I Am New@Suncity

When Looking to rent a flat in Suncity

  1. Rental listing of 2 bhk and 3 bhk can be searched from common floor, OLX, Magic Bricks, Sulekha.and 99 Acres.
  2. Go through the location details of Suncity.
  3. Learn more about suncity.
  4. Different Service providers in Suncity.

While in Suncity

  1. Join apna Complex and use it for maintenance complaints and communication.
  2. Go through the FAQs listed.
  3. Always follow bye laws for the society. Go through the Important rules and regulations.
  4. Suncity is a vibrant community with lot of festivities and fun. Join and volunteer in the community.
  5. You can find your block representatives here.
  6. Please reach out to association for any help or questions.

Before you move into Suncity

  1. You need to make sure that maintenance charges are paid for your apartment.
  2. Make sure you go through the guidelines of move in procedure.
  3. NOC is mandatory for moving into suncity.
  4. Contact Suncity Association office for any details.

Before you move out of Suncity

  1. Make sure you have cleared outstanding dues of vendors like Newspaper, cable etc.
  2. Make sure you go through the guidelines of move out procedure.
  3. NOC is mandatory for moving out of suncity.
  4. Handover access cards to the owner or new tenant.

Do's and Dont's

  1. When you move-in please take a copy of New resident Instruction Guide from the Association office.
  2. During move in and move out, you will be asked to follow a specific process at every checkpoint (issuing NOC, opening gates of cluster). These procedures are in place for the benefit of all residents. Please don't argue with staff, who is just following the procedures laid down by the association.
  3. Cluster gates will not be opened after 5:30 PM for move in or move out. The move in and move out should complete by 7:00 PM. Security has been instructed to follow this strictly.
  4. Make sure you have access to apna complex. This is essential for you to recieve notices, pay maintenance and raise complaints.
  5. Go through important rules and regulations of society.
  6. Loud music/partying is not allowed in the apartments after 9:00 PM. First complaint will lead to a warning. Subsequent complaints will lead to a penal action from association and police complaint in case of recurrence.
  7. Garbage collection for your building happens at 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Don't keep garbage outside overnight.
  8. Garbage needs to be kept only in Garbage bins. Please instruct your maid accordingly.

Check out other Guidelines and Information here.