Suncitizens Speak

Some of the happy families who have made Suncity their home would like to share their experiences and feelings. Some of these have been staying in Suncity for as long as 10 years.

Suncity is an amazing place to live; It's lively & engaging for people of all age groups. It is one of very few places where people from diverse cultural background come together to celebrate all major festivals. Its strategic location brings the advantage of all necessary facilities within stone throw distance. Most importantly, we've the best residents welfare association which is constantly working towards improvement of quality of life at Suncity

Amit Mehrotra & Family

Suncity represents mini India. It has residents from various age groups, regions and professions. This melting pot of humanity is what attracted me most to Suncity. I really enjoy the various functions, community events and gatherings that happen regularly here.

Manav Agarwal & Family

LOCATION IS GREAT!! My office is nearby and some time I come to home for hot lunch, a weekend shopping is reserve for TOTAL or Bangalore Central (depends of wife’s mood) I think location making good saving on fuel. BIG SOCEITY!! is the second factor we like. We feel like belong to a big family to celebrate our festivals and events together with family.

Rajan Gupta & Family

We like to live in Suncity as we get to meet people from different states and diverse culture. We celebrate together all the festivals which gives us a warmth and community feeling. It is a great location for schools, offices, hospitals and shopping

Agastya, Vihaan, Vinita & Satya Mitra

It is pleasure to live in SUNCITY. This is a special community with different cultures (mini INDIA). We celebrate all the festivals together makes us to stay united. This is the ideal location to stay.

Rajesh Kollam & Family