Instructions for Online Payment Through Apnacomplex

Post date: Mar 29, 2014 3:51:48 PM

1. Please visit Home >> Make Payment on the home page

2. Select the required payment option and click on submit payment. (refer screenshot 1-5 below)

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Receipt of Payment

For online payments through Apnacomplex (Net banking, debit or credit card), receipt will be issued instantly

Zero Error While Payment

  1. If during the payment process you abruptly close the browser/press back button etc, system might show that your payment is in verification status and payment pending is Zero.
  2. In case of online payment unless you get a payment receipt your payment is not processed.
  3. If you do not get a receipt ,we recommend you to check after 1 Hr. in the above scenario, post that you will be able to make payment again against specific charges. However in such scenarios also you can use Excess Payment line item to pay as Generic Advance Amount. System will automatically adjust your payment with the individual charge line items.
  4. For very few cases you may see the above screen upto 24 hrs. We recommended you to make the payment against Generic Advance Payment.
  5. You can change the payment amount at the line item level and not at the total level

Online Transfer or NEFT updation in Apnacomplex

  1. For payments through NEFT or Overseas Transfer, it is mandatory to add the details in Apnacomplex for the blocks/flats for Apnacomplex enabled blocks/flats. Else, the flat may be treated as defaulter due to any issues in reconciliation.
  2. For the blocks/flats where Apnacomplex is not enabled, please send a confirmation mail with your block and flat# to with payment details.

Cheque/Draft payments

can be added directly by our staff in Apnacomplex. You do not need to add them. For any mode other than online payment through Apnacomplex, a receipt will be generated in Apnacomplexonly after your payment is realized and reconciled by SAOA staff.