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Post date: Feb 27, 2014 7:19:31 AM

Everybody in suncity has faced the issue of delayed ironing services. Lack of pick up and

Advantages of Steam press

The steam press is a better technology than hot press ironing as it doesn't apply the direct heat to clothes. This is gentle on the cloth fabric. Also the steam provides a better quality of press compared to hot irons. The steam press infrastructure doubles the efficiency of a worker, allowing him to delivery your ironed clothes faster.

delivery from home. Additionally the iron walas take a very long time to complete the ironing and return clothes. Considering this steam press services have been introduced in Cluster B. The ironing infrastructure has been upgraded that will allow 24 hour turn around for ironing services. The services include a free pick and drop of clothes from home. Please call numbers given below for pick and drop. The dry cleaning services are also introduced in cluster B. This will work in partnership with a bulk dry cleaning services located at Jayanagar. Dry cleaning services will provide a pick and drop of clothes to your home at a rate cheaper than market.


Services offered with Turn Around Time

Ashik Rai

The man behind this venture is Ashik Rai. He is a

Ironing Services

Dry cleaning

Saree Roll Press

24 hours with Wed off.

One week.

3 days.

Contact Details for Pick and Delivery

Pickup & Delivery

Ashik Rai


8105 876928

96115 86585

81057 92573

engineer and a MBA graduate. He worked in IT industry for 6 years before leaving DELL. His mission now is Social Entrepreneurship. He has been working with Cluster B ironing services for few months, and wants to turn around the lives of people involved in this industry through this effort. Ashik speaks Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malyalam.Ashik works full time with Ironing guys

helping them not only with their work, but also educating them about how to lead their life. He insists on each worker getting his children educated.

Rates for Ironing

4/- for Clothes

10/- for Saree, Bedsheet

30/- for men suit pant

8/- for Dhoti

25/- for Blazer

40/- for Saree press roll

Rates for Dry Cleaning

35/- for shirt, Pant, tops etc

110/- for light curtains

150/- for Heavy curtains

120/- for cotton Saree

140/- for Silk Saree

150/- for Crepe designer saree