Parking stickers FAQ


Will you accept rental agreement as parking proof?

Rental agreement is a private agreement between flat owner and tenant. It does not confer parking ownership in suncity to anyone.

Please insist that your owner provide a parking proof, so that you will be issued stickers.

I don't have a parking slot. My owner doesn't own a parking slot in suncity. Will I get stickers.

Owners and tenants who have not bought a parking slot from Builder will not require parking stickers.

Why should I provide a document proof of parking?

SAOA has not been provided with a parking map by the builder inspite of multiple follow ups in last year. So the onus of making the parking map and issuing stickers for valid parkings has fallen on EC. We would need a documented proof of ownership of parking to confirm that it is actually owned by the claimant. This will be one time activity. Once the ownership proof has been provided, you don't need to provide it again.

Where can I check status of my application for parking stickers?

All residents can track the status of their application here. Please remember, that status is updated only twice a week. So it will take some time between submitting application and status getting changed.

I have been parking at same spot for 5 years? Just hand over the sticker to me?

Due to laxity by builders, many residents and non-residents have been parking their multiple vehicles inside suncity. We have instances where Sobha residents are parking their vehicles inside. We have reached this state because builder did not provide proper parking map, and now we are doing this activity. As and when we locate rightful owners, all the marked parkings will be properly allocated.

I have two cars but only one parking? What do I do?

There are parkings in Suncity which belong to a flat but are not occupied. We strongly suggest that you take up such parking up for rent.

Additionally, EC will explore a convenient and legal way of allocating unused open space within cluster for people having additional cars. But this activity can be taken up only once all the parkings belonging to rightful owners are marked.

Application form

The application form is over in our cluster?

You can take this soft copy and print yourself. We will try to provide more application forms as soon as possible.

The application form needs to be filled by owner or tenant?

Both the tenants and owners can fill the form as appropriate. But the parking ownership proof is mandatory in both cases for issues of stickers.

How many application forms should I fill?

You need to fill one application for one parking your own.

For example, if you own one parking, you should fill one form.

If you own two parkings, you should fill two forms.

If you own one parking but multiple vehicles, you still need to fill only one form. Mention all vehicles in that one form.