Post date: Mar 25, 2014 6:37:49 AM

Suncity residents had a gala time during the two-day Holi celebrations. On March 19 evening, a cultural programme was organised with a series of dances with the theme Holi. The stage was set in a huge open space that accommodated more than 1000 residents.Residents of all age groups came out in small groups to perform on Holi songs and medleys.Apart from the kids and their parents, senior citizens also participated with equal zeal. At 8:30 pm, the rituals of Holika Dahan were conducted, symbolising victory of good over evil. The festive evening came to an end with a sumptuous dinner. On March 20, the residents, both young and old came out with colours, buckets and pichkaaris in big numbers. Adding to the fun, there were stalls of hot pakoras and thandai (a traditional drink of milk and dry fruits and spices).Click here to read the complete article in cityplus