Tennis Tournament

Post date: Apr 11, 2014 6:45:52 AM

Suncity Apartment's 1st Tennis tournament is being organised at the Smash play area behind block 10.

Age Group : 6-10 Yrs, 11-18 Yrs, >18 Yrs

Categories : Boys, Girls, Ladies, Gentlemen

Tournament Dates : 12-13th, 19-20th April

For nominations, pls send your name/block/flatno/contactno/age/category to :

Players are requested to wear non-marking shoes suitable for Clay Court.

Gentlemen's Game : Participants and Points

Gentlemen qualified for quarter finals so far :-

  1. Group A - Sonic Puri (11/1004)
  2. Group B - Maharajan (1/201)
  3. Group C - Piyush Awadhesh (12/501)
  4. Group E - Hardik Shah (13/204)
  5. Group F - Brajesh Patel (15/405)

Participant's list for Gentlemen's category :-

Scores for Gentlemen's league matches so far :-

Schedule for Gentlemen's League Matches :-

Rules for the Game :-

  1. Players are divided into eight groups
  2. Two Phases :-
    1. Group league matches : one set game
    2. Knock Out : Quarter Final ( One set game), Semifinal and Final : Three sets game
  3. League Matches
    1. Each player in the group will play with all other players in that group
    2. Each league game will be of one set
    3. Win- 1 point, Loss - 0 point
    4. One player from each group will qualify for quarter final
    5. In case of two players having same points, the one who has won against the other will qualify
    6. In case of more than two players having same points, one having maximum net game will qualify for quarterfinals.