Payment Options

Post date: Mar 29, 2014 4:15:52 PM

  1. Payment through Apnacomplex
    1. Netbanking:- Preferred mode of payment is Netbanking, as it is completely free for residents. The nominal charges levied by service provider will be borne by SAOA.
    2. 1 Transaction Per Quarter Limit for Net Banking:- Please note that in case of Net Banking, SAOA will absorb charges for only 1 transaction per quarter. In case you make multiple transactions through Netbanking, the transaction charges will be passed on to you by posting to your account later.
    3. GPay:- The gateway charges levied by service provider will be borne by SAOA. And, one transaction per quarter (or invoice) is the limit
    4. Virutal Accounts:- Each flat is issued a virtual account. You need to add this account as payee in your Netbanking, mobile banking application and transfer the amount similar to NEFT/ IMPS. The biggest advantage of this payment mode is, ApnaComplex does an automatic reconciliation and almost instantly issues a receipt. In addition, ZERO gateway charges on these payments, as of now.
    5. Debit/Credit Card:- If you choose to pay through debit or credit card, extra charges will be levied by service provider as per RBI guidelines. This will be around 2.51% for credit card and 1.32% for debit card. Kindly make sure to enter the payment amount without any comma (e.g. 12195.80 and NOT 12,195.80).
  2. NEFT or Overseas Transfer
    1. NEFT option is discontinued. If you still transfer the money to SAOA bank account, pls update the payment section in ApnaComplex. Please note that appropriate processing charges may be levied in case of NEFT, as this involves substantial effort on the part of SAOA to reconcile the transaction.
  3. Cheque / Draft payments
    1. Cheque/ Draft payments are discontinued for maintenance invoice or other invoices issued to members
  4. For any mode other than online payment through ApnaComplex, a receipt will be generated in ApnaComplex only after your payment is realized and reconciled by SAOA staff
  5. No Cash payments will be accepted. If the cash is directly deposited in SAOA account, any charges levied by the bank will be billed to the resident