Guidelines And Information


Segregate garbage and waste needs to be neatly put in garbage bins.

Each building has their garbage norms documented and communicated to residents through posters, emails etc.

It is prohibited to throw garbage or trash in the common areas or in the adjoining property. Members should make their own arrangements to dispose off their garbage in any appropriate manner.

No garbage will be left out in the floors after 10:00 AM

Fire Safety

Good quality fire-fighting equipment like fire extinguishers ,hydrants etc. are installed in the building. Please take time to read the fire safety norms installed on all the floors.

The Association will announce fire drills from time to time. Your participation will be appreciated.


Residents selling or hiring flat shall obtain a NOC from the Association when moving out or in of the campus. Association is permitted to collect a fee of 1500/- for Move-In and Move Out process.

Before Move In

Remember that Shifting from basement will not be allowed.

The timings of move in and move out is 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Please plan accordingly.

You need a NOC for moving in and moving out of suncity. This NOC is issued by Suncity maintenance office.

The charge for NOC is 1500/-. Please collect a copy of Resident guide from association office.

All maintenance dues should be clear for NOC to be issued. Make sure to check your maintenance dues.

After You Move

If you have moved out, then handover the parking stickers, access cards to owner/new tenants

If you have moved in, get to know your Block representatives

If you have moved in, get yourself added to apna complex. The procedure is detailed here

Peaceful Living

It is the duty of every resident to maintain hygiene in the common areas including playground, roads.

Honking and rash driving inside the complex is strictly prohibited. Residents are requested to drive at a speed on 10KM/Hour or less when inside the complex.

No public transport like auto rickshaws / taxi will be permitted inside the premises

Loud music/partying is not allowed in the apartments after 9:00 PM.

Residents can carry out maintenance work in their flats after intimating the supervisor and the security guards. However, the timing for such work and private contractors will be 9 AM to 6 PM on all days except Sunday’s. Such personal work as permitted shall be carried out in such a manner that it does not inconvenience neighbors and other residents. No work is allowed on Sundays.


Maintenance is paid quarterly. The maintenance cycles are JAN-MAR, APR-JUN, JUL-SEP, OCT-DEC. The notice for maintenance is sent through apna complex and copies are pasted in block notice boards. The invoices for maintenance amount are raised in apna complex. The payments can be done directly on apna complex.

If any resident fails to pay the maintenance charges within stipulated time, the resident shall be denied the common amenities and services like Bore well Water, Security, Housekeeping DG backup etc. Such services shall not be resorted until the arrears are cleared along with the payment of a penalty of delay.

Please go through the maintenance FAQ.

While You Move

The garbage generated during move in and move out is the responsibility of the individual and should be disposed off at designated place.

Any damage caused to lift, common area or gardens during move in/move out will be charged to the individual

Heavy furniture and household things should not be shifted using the lift

Please be considerate to your neighbors and don't hold the lift for very long