Move In & Move out charges

MIMO Charges - 2014

The current charges for move in and move out are 1500/-. For move within suncity the charge is 2500/-.

In case of PG accommodation (Where there are single tenants staying for short duration before moving) the charges are 500/- per person per move in move out. (Reference: MI-MO Process Revision.pdf)

Q. Why Should tenant pay this charge?

A. This charge is not levied on tenants. It is charged to every person moving in or moving out of Suncity. Owners also need to pay the same amount when they move in or move out of Suncity.

Q. This amount is very high? Why are you asking for so much money?

A. The move in and move out exerts extra work on Security, Administration and Housekeeping staff. Also there is extra usage of water, lifts and common area.

Apart from all this, there is a wear and tear that happens when house movement takes place. The amount was arrived at after reviewing the damages to the common area. For one year, the move in and move out damages to the Suncity were assessed in few lakhs.

After considering all these factors, the move in and move out charges were arrived at by the Executive committee of the Suncity Apartment Owners Association.

Q. I won't cause any damage or use any lift? Do I have the option of not paying?

A. The first floor of many blocks have been damaged by slow wear and tear caused by movement of household stuff. SAOA doesn't have any reasonable way of assessing the minor damages or wear and tear caused due to this.

Q. Since I have paid Move in Move out charge, can I be careless and cause damage?

A. This charge is collected for unintentional minor wear and tear. This covers basic wear and tear and staff usage. Any other damages caused, intentional or unintentional will be charged separately. This charge is not a license to cause damage in Suncity.

Q. I don't need the cluster gate opened. I don't need lifts. Can I take my stuff from basement and not pay?

A. As explained in detail above, the charge needs to be paid irrespective of how much household stuff you have. Also shifting will not be allowed from basement.

Q. I am not convinced with your reasoning. What can I do?

A. The decision is arrived after lot of deliberations with Management Committee. Every person/ family moving in or moving out of Suncity Apartments must pay these charges. If there is a violation, as mentioned in the reference document, there is a possible penalty followed by disconnection of services.

Q. Why can't SAOA staff not answer my queries on this charge?

A. SAOA staff executes the policies made by Executive and management committee. They are not in loop of the reasons these policies and procedures have been defined. So please don't argue with SAOA admin staff as they are doing their job.

Q. I think the charge needs to be raised/lowered? What can I do?

A. You can ask the owner of the flat to suggest this change during the AGM. You can also raise this query during resident meeting held by SAOA.