Post date: Oct 12, 2014 8:37:56 AM

The following avenues are open to residents to get complaints/questions/queries answered. Some channels are information only, others allow two way communication.

  1. Raise a complaint in apna Complex.
  2. Talk to Block office bearers for block level issues. Talk to Cluster leader for cluster specific issues.
  3. Connect with PR director through email:
  4. Read special notices posted by Admin on crucial information.
  5. Read the SAOA newsletter published.
  6. Attend open houses called by Board, various directors, Cluster leaders to talk to them face to face.
  7. Go through this website which has information on contacts, maintenance office and other details.

Specifically for queries to cluster B team:

You can send a email to Make sure the email address is in TO field and there is nothing else in TO field or CC field. This will allow your email to reach cluster team. Also watch out for communication from Cluster B communication for cluster specific issues.