Post date: Mar 25, 2014 6:48:23 AM

Suncity Apartment dwellers on Sarjapur Road elected new committee members for their apartment blocks on July 21. More than four hundred residents of the apartment gathered to cast their vote and elect their favrioute candidates. They elected 60 block level posts and 21 central executive committee members. Candidates went door to door and campaigned.

The entire electoral process smoothly went off and in order to conduct smooth electoral process, four election arbitrators and two election observers were appointed. This is the first time such kind of exercise happened in Suncity and around 38 candidates contested for 21 central posts.

In the past, residents were reluctant to take up various critical posts such as water management and electricity management. An awareness drive was held by some residents to push other members to take up the job. Number of issues related to roads, sewage and waste managementhad increased in the area and residents were miffed. These issues propelled the resident to take up some of these posts and work towards improving the quality of life in the community.

The new office bearers will take the charge from August 1.

“The new committee has some very enthusiastic members, with a mix of experienced and new members. We will take suggestions and ideas from residents,” said one of the elected members.

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